Ninth Church Of The Ascended Astronaut

by Brother Ong

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The final entry in the Brother Ong saga finds Mike Tamburo spinning a sonic children's story - poking fun at himself, mankind and all religions.

Tamburo tells us...
"Our story begins with Neil Armstrong making a big fiery ruckus as he lands on the moon. The ruckus was so big that all of the moons inhabitants assumed that it was GOD returning to destroy them. They (with the exception of the Sumhari's (small rock looking creatures) ) all hid deep within the moon's surface terrified of their creator. Neil and his pal went about doing their astronaut thing - collecting rocks and stuff (even a few Sumhari), taking their pictures and so on and then were on their way.

Once the GODS had left, the inhabitants of the moon returned to the surface only to find the gifts that their GODS had left behind for them. The Sumhari's told tales of the GODS and their magic while the rest of the moon's inhabitants listened in awe.

Soon the inhabitants began making shrines of the objects left behind by the GODS FROM SPACE. This was big business on the moon. American Flags, lunar lasers, moon rovers, astronaut suits, boots, and television gear went up in every home.

Each time the GODS returned to the moon, they left behind more gifts. The creatures of the moon took it as a great blessing that the GODS had come to them so many times in such a short period of time. For the first time in the moon's history, there was peace on the moon.

Unfortunately the peace did not last. Soon after the Apollo 17 mission left, the moons inhabitants started fighting over the best way to worship their GODS. Some only wanted to worship one of the astronauts, Some wanted to worship both. Some only wanted to worship the first gifts left on the moon. Some want to worship all of the gifts. Some thought the ASTRONAUT GODS were virgins. Some said they had families. Great wars were breaking out and the churches split until the inhabitants were once again united.

Unity was brought by a young and fearless Sumhari, named Sam Hari, who captivated the moonans imaginations with his powerful oratory skills. He formed what he called The Ninth Church Of The Ascended Astronaut. It still continues to be the most widely practiced religion on the moon to this day.


released February 17, 2013

Mike Tamburo as Brother Ong playing shahi baaja, effects and vibration accumulator.

recorded live in Bllomington, Indiana on July 25,2012 and recorded live in Detroit , Michigan on July 26, 2012.



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Sounds Eternal Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sounds Eternal is a new collaborative label started in 2012 and run by Mike and Gallina Tamburo with Brother Ong and Mata Agni and Harnek Singh and Kaur.

We believe that listening is one of the highest forms of meditation. The music that we release will mirror that philosophy.

We release ecstatic sounds (instrumental, drone, ambient, composed, mantra, gong, space, freak out, minimal)
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